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Let´s Try Again: New Blog

I really wanted to stop giving status updates like this on my blog. I believe that Twitter is a good platform to share those updates but let´s make an exception and I hope, this will be the last.

What happened to the old blog(s)?

I had a few blogging experiences with different platforms (Blogger/Wordpress). I was blogging about technical stuff and I was happy with the traffic I have. However at some point, I just lost my motivation and I thought, blog posts I shared were not good enough from a technical perspective. So, I stopped blogging.

What has changed?

I believe that I have more interesting stuff to share now. Years past after my last blogging experience. During those years, I found a chance to work with different teams on different interesting projects and had to solve too many issues. I started to live abroad far away from my home country. I travelled a lot and met interesting people. So, I have changed 😋

The Motivation behind this blog

We all face different problems in our daily routine and the first thing we do is that check other people´s blog posts/wiki pages/news etc. It is great to see that there are too many people outside ready to help other´s but I believe that this process should be mutual.

What kind of blog posts you should expect?

This blog will be a place for me to share my experiences/ideas on a variety of topic. But probably, the main content will be about technical stuff.


I am really happy to blog again and I hope, I can keep this blog alive for years!

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