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Career Talk at Yildiz Technical University

A few months ago, I had the chance to talk as a former student at Yildiz Technical University about how I built my career after graduation and a few things I wish to learn in the years to come. Huge thanks to Prof.Dr.Banu Diri and Skylab team to organize this fantastic event!


I really enjoyed being there and tried to answer as much people´s questions as I could ✌️ I hope, we can do these kinds of events more often. It seems we should, given the great feedback received.1

Few things to emphasize from talk

It would be great to share a record of the talk instead of giving a really short summary but we could not arrange a camera.

Experience is what we get from life, not the what we expect

There is no guarantee that your dream will always become true. You need to work hard to make them real but sometimes, it is not enough. Also, you should not forget that decisions are not good or bad on its own. We, as decision makers, make them good or bad, depending on our actions after the decision. Whatever you do or you decide, do it wholeheartedly, and it will be a good decision.

Have a plan

Having a plan will keep you oriented and focused to reach your end goals. Do not let having a plan to create pressure on you. You cannot have a plan for everything but thinking on your career or your health is a good thing to worry about.

Work on things that you enjoy

I know this sounds like a cliche and I agree. It is nearly impossible to enjoy all the time from the things that we are working on. Everything that we do has positive or negative sides. The important thing here is how you feel at the end of the day. Are you happy? If yes, go ahead and if not, it might be a good idea to think about it.


  • Which blogs do you follow?
  • Which talks do you suggest?
  • Which resources we should look to improve our technical skills?
    • There are different ways to solve the same issues. It is good to look if someone already invented the wheel. So, I strongly suggest looking for design patterns which are "simply a generalized, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem."
    • Try to understand how large scale systems work:
    • What I cannot create, I do not understand - Richard Feynman
  • What was your English level when you join Amazon and what is now?
    • When I joined Amazon, I believe that it was B1. I was able to understand people easily. But my problem was to talk fluently. So, I was too afraid to go into conversation with people. I still make quite a lot of grammar mistakes but at least now, I can communicate without much difficulty.
  • Do you suggest to live abroad?
    • Definitely. I am so happy to meet and work with people all around the world, listen their stories and learn from them.


I am really grateful for the invite and I really enjoyed to be there! Thank you so much everyone!

  1. Survey Result ↩︎

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